Jessica Simpson profiled on 'Extra'

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Jessica Simpson profiled on 'Extra'

Postby admin » Thu Jun 07, 2001 8:37 pm

>> reporter: She's blond. She's beautiful. And she's got some serious pipes. But make no mistake. 20-year-old jessica britney or christina clone.

>> For me, for a little while there, i was like have to be like this person. I have to be like that person. It was never, let's see jessica.

>> Reporter: But being jessica is working. Her first cd, sweet kisses, sold a sweet 3 million copies. Now, two years after her bubble gum debut, jessica's back with her sophomore effort, irresistible. It's a more mature jessica. A sultry jessica. Complete with leather hip huggers midriff top. A' was invitede scenes for the making of the video on a chilly april nightl.A. Jessica says the temperatures of next to nothingis only part of the territory.

>> Hollywood is definitely very, very tough place. You have to really be comfortable with yourself. And you have knowt

>> reporter: What jessica doesn't want? Is to be the flavor of the week.

>> I want to be like aretha flank lynn and be singing when i'm 50-something, you know what i mean?

>> Reporter: And right now, at least, she is irresistible.

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