Jessica Simpson visits 'The Tonight Show'

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Jessica Simpson visits 'The Tonight Show'

Postby admin » Fri Jun 08, 2001 2:51 am

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking with jessica simpson. Nice job.


>> Jay: Catch your breath. That's hard work.

>> It is, because I'm singing live. I've been kind of sick, but --nging live, and I'm dancing at the same time. It's kind of hard.

>> Jay: Yeah, well, that's very good.

>> I have to run on the treadmill a lot to, like --

>> jay: Did you see our animals?

>> Yes, I the monkey's adorable. I want to take him home.

>> Jay: Do you have any animals of your own?

>> No, i don't. I want a pet pig.Et pig?

>> Because i love pigs. They're so cute, don't you think?

[ Light laughter ]

>> jay: It depends how you cook them, I guess.

>> Really, i think i'm going to take one on tour with me this summer.

>> Jay: Take a pig. Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: All right, all right.

>> He can wear my merchand

>> jay: Well, they're actually very smart animals. They're actually quite bright.

>> They are. I know. And they're the cleanest animamyard.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah, just go out there and look.

>> They really are. Rific, too. Yeah.

[ Light laughter ] now, you got your birthday coming up. Soon, you'll be what, 21?

>> 21. I'm an old woman.

>> Jay: No what do you do? Now, are you quietly celebrating at home, or do you go out and you have a big bash?

>> No, i want to have, like, a really big bash.

>> Jay: Now, what would you -- would it just be girls? One of those things with, like, you know --

>> no, there's got to be cute boys there.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> Like you!

>> Jay: Yeah, I'm a cute boy.

[ Laughter ] I would be the chaperon. Yeah, I could be the chaperon. All right, let's go. Let's go. Now, would you take a date -- do you take a date on this 21st --

>> no, no, no, no. This is 21 and single, you know?

>> Jay: So you hope to meet a cute guy at the --

>> exactly. Exactly.

>> Jay: Okay, well -- now, will you drink? Will you get drunk on that --

>> no.

>> Jay: No? Isn't that why you turn 21, so you can drink?

[ Light laughter ]

>> so you can get drunk?

>> Jay: You know w girls would give to be 21 this week?

[ Laughter ] huh?

[ Cheers and applause ] oh, they would die to be in your shoes. Oh, oh! They would die to be in your shoes. Now, is -- you have a duet with

>> i do.

>> Jay: Right, right.

>> It's an amazing song. It's called 'there you were.' It's going to be a really big song this year, I really think.

>> Jay: Now, did he give you any advice? He's been around for a while.

>> Yeah, well, he's an actor, so he approaches a song like he would a script. You know? So he walked in the studio, and he sat me down. And he's like, 'all right, jessica, for the next six hours, we're going to be completely in love.' And he said that we'd been together for six years. He, like, made up this whole relationshat's a great line. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> no, he made up this whole relationship. It was crazy, 'cause for, like, six hours, we were completely into the song and in love.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: And then after six hours, he dumped you, didn't he? He left.

>> Exactly. He went home to his wife and baby.

>> Jay: Isn't that every guy in the world? Now, you're going on tour? Now, where do you go? Do you go all over?

>> I am. I'm going on a 'trl' tour with destiny's child.

>> Jay: A 'tlr' tour -- that's the 'totally live request'? 'Totally request live.'

>> Yeah, exactly.

>> Jay: See, when you're dyslexic, this is fun. 'Totally request live' show. Okay, so it's you, destiny's child --

>> mm-hmm, and nelly and dream.

>> Jay: Oh, that's like a guy fantasy tour. Yeah.

>> Lots of people.

>> Jay: Well, that sounds great.

>> Yeah. And then i go on my own tour in august.

>> Jay: Okay, after that, then you go on your own tour.

>> Yeah, so I'm busy. I don't have any days off.

>> Jay: Jessica, thank you very much. 'Irresistible' -- that's the cd right there. Thank you very much

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Postby MooseMan » Fri Jun 08, 2001 10:43 am

Interesting! No mentioned of 'You know who' and hopes to meet a cute guy at her 21st birthday bash? What that tells you?

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