Jessica Simpson ET interview

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Jessica Simpson ET interview

Postby JustNsync2001 » Sat Jun 09, 2001 11:20 pm

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: This is pretty exciting, what do you think of all this?

JESSICA SIMPSON: I'm completely on cloud nine, I love life and I'm so excited. I'm so completely confident about my new record Irresitible -- to launch it like this is amazing.

ET: A lot of people were talking about your last album, about how mature it was and how mature it sounded. Do you continue with that on this next release?

JESSICA: Last time I was 17 when I recorded my record. I'll be 21 in July, so there's a lot of growing up there, a lot of maturity, a lot of experiences. This time the album is dealing with a lot more. It has all different kinds of songs of me telling guys off, then I'm completely in love ... then I'm telling guys how they should love, and I do a gospel song. I do a duet with Marc Anthony. There's just so many flavors on the record that I think it's going to reach out to a larger variety of people.

ET: What do you hope your fans will take away from this album or get out of it?

JESSICA: I want my fans to listen to it and to grow up with me. I want to continue to be a positive role model. I would never do anything to take away from that and that is my number-one goal in life, to inspire my fans and they inspire me just as much as I inspire them.

ET: So you got to do a song with Marc Anthony?


ET: What was that like?

JESSICA: Marc Anthony is phenomenal. He is not only an incredible artist, but he's a great person. We recorded a song called 'There You Were,' and it's a beautiful, romantic ballad that people will want in their weddings from today to 20 years from now. It's that type of timeless incredible ballad and Marc and I really came to life together on the record.

ET: I heard a sad rumor that you have broken up with Nick (Lachey, of the band 98 DEGREES). Is that true?

JESSICA: As of right now Nick and I are on a little break and basically it's for this: it's for me being independent, and me growing up, and me not having to depend on anybody else for the strength that I need. I'm completely focused on my career and what I want in life. I'm really confident and I want to do it for myself right now. I'm only 20.

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