Jess & Nick derby interviews from last night!

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Postby ehp03 » Sat May 04, 2002 9:46 am

Thanks to 98_fanky @ the JSMB

these were from last night here in louisville at the barnstable brown party. they are from the local news stations! jess was wearing a lacy tan dress that came about to her knees and $700 shoes her hair was curly nick was in a suit and looked good! her dad was behind them in all the interviews but i didn't see drew ashlee or tina.

this is from ch. 5 here:

Jessica- this is our first derby we have been looking forward to it all month becasue we have friends that live out here so we get to take them along and do all the fun stuff

this is form ch. 3 here-

News person- Making an early appearence Jessica simpson and financee nick lachey from 98*. the date is set for this fall and look at the shiner (the ring.) so are you two going to get n satge and sing a duet for us?

Nick- we might but we have to see how things are going ( i don't think they did)

this is from ch.11 here

News person- Jessica simpson pop musican who sang iresistable.thank you so much for joining us

jess- of course im so excited im haveing such a good time

News person- i understand your engaged to a hot hot hunk

jess- im engaged to a man named nick lachey hes the best man in the whole world.

News person- Look at that ring! and hes from 98* jess was telling us earlier the wedding is this fall

jess- the wedding is this fall were planning it now we have a wedding planner were trying to plan it in la is in austin so its kinda like were having o fly back and forth and do allkinds of stuffits really exciting i can't wait to say i do!

news perosn- aww and you were telling me you are really exciting about the derby

jess- iam excited for the derby im so excited i love horses i grew up in texas so i grew up riding horses and the whole thing so

News person- i have to ask you whos your favorite?

jess- Dan the Bluegarss man(a horse) (as of this morning that horse is scartched)

new person- there you have it dan the bluegrass man and i have to show you jessica she stode here and waited for me fo two minutes on a small piece of cardboard

jess- its muddy

news person- becasue she has a $700 pair of shoes on and she didn't want to ruin them. thank you so much jessica

jess- thank you

this is ch.11 again from this morning

jess- this is our first derby so we have been looking forward to it all month

newsperson- pop music star jessica simpson came with her finance nick lachy (they said nicks last name lashley it souds like ashley with a l in front of it lol)

Nick - this is great this is definitly the place to be this weekend in louisville. this is the spotlight for the whole country. this is definitly the place to be

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Postby MooseMan » Sat May 04, 2002 5:32 pm

Alright people, step right up, placed your bets! Who will be the first to get cold feet at the wedding Jess or Nick! No wagers please! :(

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