Nick and Jess are in Hawaii right now

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Postby JessandNick » Sat Feb 09, 2002 4:01 pm

This post was made from a girl in 98 degrees mb.

Well sorta. You see the last year's ex -- one of them...he and I are still friends. We talk on the phone and such. Anyway, one of his friends is somehow involved with the ProBowl Halftime, the cheerleaders aspect. If you knew my ex that would make SO much sense! LOL So he's down in Hawaii working the set up and stuff and later at the hotel he sees Nick and Jessica. (hold the comments, hold the rumors, I'm just restating what HE told me!) So Eric recognizes Nick as 'one of those guys Kristie would have left me for!' LMAO and yells, 'Hey man!' Nick supposedly said 'Hi how you doing?' Back to him. Nick probably saw Eric donning his all access pass, which knowing Eric he is probably sleeping in! LOL

Well, the 411 on the ProBowl is this...Jessica is doing the anthem and she will have a small part in the Halftime Show, but the headliners of the Halftime Show are Sugar Ray.

One last thing...he said that nearly everyone he has met there has complimented 98 Degrees. He said people say 'those guys from last year's ProBowl were SO nice and really put on a great show!' Not that WE didn't know that but it's nice to hear an 'outsider' say it

So Lisa...I'd give you the Eric hook up, but he's got a girlfriend back at college. But he did tell me, if he meets Brady, he's air mailing him to Texas

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