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July 4th

From AOL chat, thank you to janet_blu_mariah2 and Birgit: Janet Jackson talked about Mariah several times in a recent AOL chat, divulging the details that she may be collaborating on Mariah's new album and which remix of Janet's that Mariah was supposed to appear on last year. Here are the Mariah-related snippets...
Host: And Mariah Carey. There are rumors that you and her are going to team up as well. How true is that?
Janet Jackson: I recently found out from someone I work with that she is thinking of possibly having me do a song with her for her new album. I haven't heard anything officially from her people though so I really don't know.

Host: Would you like to work with Mariah?
Janet Jackson: Oh yeah. I wouldn't have a problem working with her. In fact she was supposed to be on a remix with me for my song "You Ain't Right", but with her health problems with depression and my busy schedule back then it just didn't work out; and the song didn't wind up being released anyway. But I would love to work with her some time if it's at all possible.

Host:I wanted to ask you something. Are you aware of the little battle going on between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey over supposedly sampling the same song?
Janet Jackson: I don't really know too much about it to tell you the truth. I don't pay attention to things like that and they don't put me in the middle. I'm friends with both Jennifer and Mariah and I stay clear of my friends problems. I don't try to fix things or get in the middle of it cause we'll just wind up fighting and you know, it's really not worth it. That's how I am.

Host:You've mentioned working with Jennifer Lopez before. When was that? And have you ever worked with Mariah?
Janet Jackson: I've known Jennifer for many years. Almost a decade. She was one of my dancers for three years, and she was in my "videos for "That's The Way Love Goes" and "If". Mariah I've never worked with before.

Host: Just curious. How did you become friends? I know we are all very nosy here!
Janet Jackson: I forget how I met Mariah. I think at a party or an award show. But anyway, she's sweet.

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