Eminem Dumps Sad Mariah After Dad Dies

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Postby Miss Moon » Mon Jul 15, 2002 6:04 pm

July 14th

AND the award for Biggest B*****d in Pop goes to...Eminem.
After leading the pack to reveal how the rap star was dating songtress Mariah Carey, I can now reveal he has cruelly dumped her in a short mobile phone call.

And the charmer really picked his moment. Eminem ended their four-month fling just days after Mariah's beloved father, Alfred, lost his battle against cancer.

Friends are now seriously worried about multi-millionairess Mariah's state of mind which, considering her suicide bid last year, isn't exactly stable at the best of times.

One told me: "Mariah is in pieces. Her father had been ill for some time, but his death was still a terrible shock.

"Then, less than a week later, Eminem phones her up and breaks it off. Mariah wasn't expecting wedding bells, but she loved his company and thought the relationship was going well.

"It's his terrible timing—and the cowardly way he chose to end things—that has really hurt her."

Unlucky-in-love Mariah was married to Sony Records boss Tommy Mottola for five years and then dated millionaire Luis Miguel for about two years before falling for Eminem.

Meanwhile the rapper, who's worth more than £20million, is turning into a real love-'em-and-leave-'em merchant.

Since he divorced wife Kim last year, he's had flings with Destiny's Child singer Beyonce Knowles and Irish babe Samantha Mumba. He was even linked to Kim Basinger, who plays Eminem's mum in 8 Mile, his autobiographical flick due out later this year.

If Eminem reckons this is the way to win friends and influence people he's turning into the Real Dim Shady.

News Of The World

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Postby pinkGLAM » Tue Jul 16, 2002 11:13 am

i didn't know they were going out?! :unsure:

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Postby BrazilianMamiNYC » Tue Jul 16, 2002 11:40 am

Do you REALLY belive News of The World??? Please......

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Postby pinkGLAM » Wed Jul 17, 2002 7:01 am

here you go BrazilianMamiNYC, a more "reliable source" * :P

Eminem admits hot fling with Mariah Carey

BAD-boy rapper Eminem admits he fooled around with diva Mariah Carey - but Star readers have known about it for

almost a year!

Back in August 2001, we reported that Eminem was romancing troubled songbird Carey, 32. Now, he's finally come clean in an interview in Rolling Stone magazine.

"There's truth to that," Eminem, 28, says about the affair.

"I don't want to say anything disrespectful because I respect her as a singer, but on the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person.

"I got to be honest, I learned a lesson from that. I have respect for her, but she doesn't really have it together. I'll just say that and that she's a beautiful woman."

Right now, the only woman in the controversial star's life is his daughter, Hallie, 6. He has joint custody with his ex-wife Kim. He takes his job so seriously, the foul-mouthed performer won't let his child listen to his own CDs!

"I don't cuss around my daughter," Eminem insists.

"If I have a song that has a lot of swear words, I make her a clean version and play those in the car."

from STAR magazine

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Postby Eminemsgirl » Wed Jul 17, 2002 10:09 am

Even though Eminem has "admitted" to having a "relationship" with Mariah, neither the "News of the World'' nor "STAR magazine" are "reliable sources". I read about their "so-called relationship" in "Rolling Stone magazine"(technically straight from the source). Most tabloids and gossip magazines use other articles for their sources and sometimes fabricate the truth. :huh:

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