Beyoncé Tries Not To Pull A Mariah Carey?

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Postby JolieBlonde » Tue Jul 30, 2002 11:36 pm

One step Beyoncé

Poor Beyoncé Knowles is doing her darnedest not to pull a Mariah Carey.

The Destiny's Child frontwoman and "Goldmember" star told the U.K. Sun she may have to put off filming her upcoming flick, "Fighting Temptations," in which she is to star with Cuba Gooding Jr., onaccounta she's completely exhausted from juggling all her acting and singing responsibilities.

"I am so tired. Sometimes I sleep in my make-up because I don't want to spend time having it done the next day," she told the tabloid. "I have to make a decision about the film. I don't want a breakdown -- and that's possible."

Sounds like she needs some serious booty sleep.

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