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The following was poorly translated to English from an Italian article, apparently an interview with one of the makers of a new film that Mariah's rumored to be in. From what I can tell, it seems they are pretty enthusiastic about it! If anyone could make a better translation from the source, please send it to us. (

There is Naples in the future and the past of Alexander Gassman, host of the Giffoni Festival Film: beautiful and tenebrous, but cordial and available above all with the boys of the citadel of the cinema, 37enne the roman actor has conteso to Raoul Bova the palm of sexy symbol male of the review. "My father - Alexander tells - had a relationship privileged with Naples and the South, and also in this I am following its road". Neapolitan E' Ilaria Borrelli, that esordirà like director with the film "Husbands in rent", of which Gassman she will be protagonist with to Maria Grace Cucinotta and Mariah Carey. And the writer is Neapolitan Cannavacciuolo Angel, from whose novel "Guardiani of clouds" will be draft one film directed from Luciano Odorisio and interpreted, beyond that from Gassman, also from Anna Galiena and Black Franco. In theatre, Gassman will be protagonist with to Beppe Fiorello of the show "Crime for crime", that it will to make one's debut to Bellini to March for regìa of Alexander the Welcomes. We proceed with order, Gassman: the film of the Borrelli. "we will turn It in America, creed to september. I will be conteso from two beautifulst women, our Cucinotta and popstar the American Mariah Carey. I have read the scenario of the Borrelli and me piaciuto it is endured ".

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