A Masterpiece Delivered To Perfection

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Postby Miss Moon » Mon Sep 23, 2002 6:07 pm


With as much adversity as Mariah Carey has had to withstand, It’s hard to believe that she’s been able to pick herself up, dust herself off, and deliver another outstanding record that defines the term "superstar." There’s been much written about the demise of the diva, but when you possess as much talent as Mariah, it doesn’t have be redefined, just redirected. Her signature sound has inspired many up and coming artists for years. While she may not have always made the best decisions regarding her career, the fact remains that she’s one of the top singer/songwriters of the last 15 years. Now comes the song that everyone has wanted from Mariah, and she delivers BIGTIME! It’s not just another ballad. It’s a lyrical masterpiece delivered to perfection! The excessive vocal aerobics that seem to plague many singers are kept in check, and what you hear is a vocal performance that exudes pure emotion and passion. You can’t help but believe that this is one of Mariah’s most personal songs to date. It’s her light at the end of the tunnel. Some believe Mariah is a Behind The Music episode waiting to happen, but could her greatest achievement be yet to come? One thing is for sure, Mariah has made it "Through The Rain," but can this truly gifted superstar diva do it again? BET ON IT!

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