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Here is an abstract of the R&R article, on which mariah makes the cover of the magazine... The full version will shortly be available on RPN


MARIAH'S BACK FRESH, FOCUSED AND FULL OF HITS Tony Novia If you want to know what Mariah Carey did on her summer vacation, the answer is work. Yes, she did get in some playtime - after all, she recorded in Capri, Italy - but Carey has been focused on doing what she does best: making hits. With over 140 million albums and singles sold worldwide and 12 songs that have reached No. 1 in the United States, she is a superstar in a league of her own.
While it's no secret that Carey has been through a lot personally and professionally this past year - the lukewarm reception for Glitter, a bout with exhaustion - nothing came close to the devastating loss of her father. Carey explains that he died not long after they had reuinited and become close. "It was very hard for me," she says. "A lot of that emotion is on this album. There's a song that I wrote for him on it."

If you want to know where Carey is coming from on this new record, listen to her words. "The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life - going through it, dealing with things and trying to be hopeful," she says. "It's not an album filled with woe and misery. There are some songs that will give you that melancholy feeling, but I try to always go to the uplifting, even in a situation that seems like it could break you. I always try to turn to the positive rather than to drown in the negative."

Carey also changed record labels this year, finding a new home with Doug Morris and Lyor Cohen at Vivendi/Universal's Island Def Jam Music Group. When I asked IDJMG Chairman/CEO Cohen about Carey, he told me "All Mariah needed was a big hug and a company that truly loves artists and understands the difficulty of being an artist. Mariah is a gift to all of us. Her voice and songwriting have given so many people so much joy. I believe she has written a song that will become a great classic."

The song Cohen is referring to is Carey's new single, "Through the Rain," which is already airing at Pop, Rhythmic, Urban and AC on heavyweight stations like WHTZ (Z100)/New York and WHYI(Y100)/Miami before the official add date of Sept. 30th. When I ask Carey if "Through the Rain" was her choice for the first single, she responds, "It's almost like the single chose itself. Everyone who heard it felt so passionately about it immediately."

So, Carey has a new album and a clean slate. She has a new label, MonarC, as part of her deal with IDJMG. She wrote every song on her new record except for one remake. She worked with heavyweights like Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and promises a few other surprises. With her great looks, unmistakable voice and incredible talent, Carey is back - fresh, focused and full of hits.

R&R: Your new label with the Island Def Jam Music Group is MonarC. How did you come up with the name?

MC: Jerry Blair, the President of MonarC and I went back and forth with a bunch of different names, and MonarC was my first choice. As a lot of people know, the butterfly has kind of become my own personal symbol. Monarch butterflies, in my opinon, are the most beautiful, so we left off the H and the M and the C gave it a personal touch for me. Every time we mentioned the name to somebody they liked it, so we stuck by it. It seemed fitting and right.

R&R: You had your own label once before, Crave. What made you want to do it again?

MC: Well, Crave wasn't really my idea. At the time that I was involved with that project I was in a different situation corporately and as an artist. I sort of fell into it instead of choosing to do it on my own. MonarC will truly represent me, as opposed to somebody else imposing an idea on me to do a label.

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