Oprah.com: The Truth About Her Breakdown

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Postby Miss Moon » Tue Dec 03, 2002 1:41 pm

Oprah: When did you start to worry that you might be in the beginning phases of some sort of physical breakdown?
Mariah: Before I even went out on a promotional tour for Glitter, my doctor said I needed a break because I have low blood-sugar. She said, 'You can't be working yourself this hard, you need five days off.' And I said I didn't have five days to take. I don't usually say 'No' [to my career].

Oprah: You didn't know how to say 'No' for years? That will make you crazy!
Mariah: I just learned to this year! At a certain point, I said I couldn't do a second video for the Glitter soundtrack, and they said, 'What do you mean?' Because I had never said, 'No.' I said, 'It's too much for me, it's too intense, I'm too tired, I haven't slept in two months. No more.' Nobody could believe I was saying it. They continued to call me. I ended up at my mom's house and collapsed. à I literally passed out on the kitchen floor. In addition to not sleeping, I wasn't eating properly. Read On...


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