'HiT' liftout features Mariah Carey

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'HiT' liftout features Mariah Carey

Postby Crave » Thu Dec 28, 2000 9:22 pm

Yesterday's Herald Sun 'HiT' liftout featured a look back at the year's
best, worst and other. Here's
some clips that relate to this site's content:
'Britney Spears continued to be cloned, with the likes of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore espousing virginity and innonence while wearing as little as possible.
Speaking of which, Mariah Carey provided one of the quotes of the year when she called Simpson her
'mini mi' after Simpson followed in her footsepts so closely it was like Single White Female - The Musical.
Carey also took a dislike to her other singing doppelganger, Christina Aguilera, whose music
started to sound like tampon ads and who inflicted not only a Chistmas album but a Spanish album on us this year.'

ego of the year Christina Aguilera. This dimestore diva came to Australia, refused to make eye-contact with
anyone and then decided five minutes before the show went to air that she didn't want to co-host House Of Hits. Maybe someone showed her a tape of the show?

the ginger spice age dodger of the year Anastacia, she of the big voice but elusive age. By the way, Anastacia,
Taylor Dayne called, she wants her DNA back.

taken from the e-mail
:_[FMN] Anastacia, Britney, Christina, Mariah | Year wrap-up in HiT

This is just tabliod lauaghter don't take it seriously, the person who send it to me owns a website deticated to all of the artists, expect Jessica who's recently been drop from the list tenparioly.

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Postby Stefano » Thu Jan 11, 2001 1:53 pm

I just can't believe that Mariah is feeling any pressure from these young girls. Competition is good, and how rude if she has said comments about the ones in the article. Christina Aguilera has said numerous times that she's Mariah's #1 Fan. Get over it Mariah. Don't be like Ms. Ross.

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