Mariah & Luis are no more

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Postby Crave » Sat Jan 13, 2001 6:48 am

A member at another messageborad posted this:

Apparantly, the TV show 'Rumores' in Argentina has reported that Luis and Mariah have broken up over the holidays. This is what HP told me:

'On the show ''Rumores'' in Argentina, Susana spoke with Polo Martinez, close friend of Luis, and he confirmed that the couple broke up. Luis went to NYC for New Year's, came back to Aspen for 48 hours in order to try to work things out, but left as an available (but sad, I'm sure) man. There is always a possibility of a reconciliation, but for now, they are over. Luis will record his new album in Acapulco instead of Los Angeles.'
[Thanks HP!]

'Rumores' is also the TV show that reported that Mariah's manager broke her hip and knee during a skiing trip on Christmas Eve. That info turned out to be correct, so let's hope that they're wrong about this one, and that Mariah and Luis are still together!

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