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Postby Crave » Mon Jan 22, 2001 4:25 pm

SEXY MARIAH ON FILM Friday January 19, 2001

Mariah Carey (30) tried to tone down her sexy image during the filming of her movie. The result turned out other wise. Last year the popdiva played in the movie 'All That Glitters'. The movie is Mariah's debut on the silver screen, and she plays an innocent hardworking nightclub singer.

According to the paper Daily Record, Mariah turned completely red when she recently saw the finished cut. Apparantly, during one of the scenes, you could see completely through her clothes.

'Mariah got embarrased, and blushed when she saw the result', a source on the set of the movie told the Scottish newspaper. 'She looked even more sexy than she usually does', the source adds.

Mariah likes to shock with cleavages that go a lot deeper than everyone else's, and skirts that are shorter than short. However, on the silver screen she wants to look innocent, the paper writes. The movie, which is a romantic drama, will premiere around the world sometime this year. It's directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall. (VG)

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