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Mariah Carey will be in Milan this weekend. Her visit will be half promotional activity, including interviews with radio and television stations, and a series of appointments standard to celebrities, with a lot of outside meshing and CO** tails for the seventy invited to the famous Milan premises.
Mariah's fan club is already traveling to Milan and is ready to meet the singer, who will be staying under false name at the Hotel Four Seasons. Perhaps Carey will also make a visit to the Monza Race Track, in order to try the F1 circuit. For the duration of her stay, 24 hours on twenty four, Saint Maxischermo's Public Square, Babila will be projected with scenes from the 'Loverboy' video, as well as rare photos.
In the meantime there is much anticipation for the release of her new album, 'Glitter', out on August 20. The album will serve as a solo album as well as the soundtrack for the movie, which was inspired by her life and in which she will be the producer and star, that will premiere in America in August and in Italy in November.

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