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She came to Germany in order to promote her new album. It couldn't have been any worse: Soul star Mariah Carey travels to Berlin, in order to promote her new album, and upon her arrival she became heavily ill with a cold. Perhaps the German climate is at fault? But a cold would not take the liberty Mariah Carey for the moment. The 31 year old is in the middle in an advertising route.
At the end of August her new film 'Glitter' will premiere, along with its soundtrack, which will undoubtedly set new sales records. With 150 million albums sold and 15 US #1 hits, Mariah Carey is one of the most successful pop music artists of all time; the arrival of a new album will not give Carey anything but success. A 'Pre Listening Party' took place nevertheless on Friday evening, despite her cold.
Carey's record label had selected a place where Carey can rest her vocal cords with: the attic, formerly the home of owner of discotheque and old bachelor Rolf Eden. Did anyone give Mariah Carey this information? Not likely. In the past, gossip magazines reported stories, one of them with photo accommodations of Mariah and a stairway step rising with the quote: 'I don't DO stairs!' Or the story with white puppies; Mariah requested white dogs to be at all interviews, before she would begin to talk.
Today Mariah Carey presents herself more like a professional. Already, when she steps onto the stage, she has a microphone at hand. She laughs often, and tells everyone about the new album, as well as the shy announcement that she would not be singing that day. Later, in a more calm moment, Mariah Carey said that she would rest happily in bed for two days, although she would have rather driven to the Mediterranean, to the beach herumzuluemmeln.
Nevertheless - in the 'Meet and Greet' with employees of the record label along with journalists, she would travel back and forth between the two. For Mariah Carey, the time is short until she jumps onto another airplane. It is a beautiful moment, because it takes place without any talking. Also a small group of fans, which is closely around Carey, is quiet. Perhaps they do this, because there are no more questions to ask, because they already know everything. They look extremely content, considering their favorite celebrity is about to fly away and leave them.

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