Great Superbowl Reviews

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Great Superbowl Reviews
As it should be, Mariah's performance of the national American anthem at last night's Superbowl has receieved fantastic reviews.
MariahBuzz collected some of those reviews from various sources and from people on FOMM. Check them out:
From EW:
It was just one note: a startling, near-ultrasonic squeal on the word ''free.'' But that impossibly high flourish was enough to make Mariah Carey's Sunday night Super Bowl performance her first unambiguous triumph in months. And judging from the look of relief on Carey's face as she finished the national anthem, the beleaguered superstar had needed nothing less.

From ET Online:
After the coin toss, R&B sensation Mary J. Blige and Latin pop sensation Marc Anthony performed 'America the Beautiful' and 'The Star Spangled Banner,' backed by the Boston Pops orchestra. Pop diva Mariah Carey then stepped in to sing the National Anthem.

From Boston Globe:
Best rendition of the national anthem since Whitney Houston in '91: Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female artist in history.

Marc Anthony and Mary J. Blige, accompanied by the Boston Pops, sang 'America the Beautiful,' and, on an even higher note, Mariah Carey -- wearing a full-length, royal blue dress and looking and sounding strong -- delivered 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'

From Contra Costa Times:
First came a booming rendition of the national anthem by Mariah Carey, and some four hours later, a shower of red, white and blue confetti fell to the Superdome turf.

From NY Times:
Mariah Carey sang the national anthem in a wardrobe and performance that were simple but elegant. (Two words you'd never expect to see in the same sentence as Mariah Carey.) Her straight hair, unadorned blue dress and diamond necklace suited her low-key, inflected delivery of the song.

From NY Daily News:
Mariah Carey sang the national anthem just before the game, doing more to rehabilitate her career, and before a larger audience, than any other move she could have made.

From Chicago Tribune:
Yes, a dose of patriotism is fair enough at the American professional football championship. That's what singing the National Anthem is for, an opportunity which, incidentally, the much-maligned Mariah Carey handled with aplomb. With her understated rendition, she demonstrated that at least one North American pop diva understands that singing the most notes does not equal being the best singer.....Mariah Carey scored a victory before the game with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.'

From Washington Post:
Mariah Carey sang a stirring rendition of the national anthem.

From Canoe:
Thankfully, mercifully came the national anthem sung by pop music's Frances Farmer, Mariah Carey.

From USA Today:
Former president Bill Clinton's appearance on the pre-game program elicited boos, while Mariah Carey drew hoots of 'I love you!'
The catcalls quieted, however, when Carey sang the national anthem.

The fans held up red, white and blue glow-sticks in the darkened dome as Mariah Carey sang the national anthem.

From Sun Times:
While the Fox Network missed no opportunity to trumpet this Super Bowl as a celebration of 'the spirit of America,' the producers somehow missed the fact that two of their three musical draws were Irish and English. Mariah Carey was the only American citizen, but she got extra points for being a New Yorker. Carey acquitted herself well during a low-key but still diva-esque reading of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'.

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