Superbowl Conference Transcript

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Superbowl Conference Transcript
Mariah said why she thinks it's a good idea to not sing the song live, which you can read in the transcript from last night's show, thanx to Stephy from Mariah's Web:

Introduction: Welcome the great Mariah Carey

Mariah: Thank you
Interviewer: It's gonna be a little different singing for so many people, give us your thoughts on that.

Mariah: Well it's amazing to think how many people are going to be watching and, a, I am really excited about it, I've never done this before.

Interviewer: You've never done the anthem before
Mariah: Nope.
Interviewer: When was the last sporting event, have you done a sporting event where you sang?
Mariah: I've never sang the Anthem , but I sang America The Beautiful Once a long time ago.
Interviewer: Wow
Mariah: Yeah

Interviewer: I know there has been alot of media coverage about your departure from Virgin Records , can you tell everyone here about that?

Mariah: Basically, I 've never been happier , it's the best decision I could have made, and , um, I'm just looking forward to the future.

Interviewer: Okay Questions here?
Questions: (Question inaudiable)

Mariah: I think everybody brings something new to the anthem you know when they do a performance so there own, so every performance is amazing you know I'm just trying to do the best I can , and do my own version.

Question: Hey Mariah, How are you ?
Mariah: Good how are you ?
Question: Fine, Uh, (Question inaudiable)

Mariah: Can't you tell by the way I hold the ball ? (laughing) Oh dear.... the last thing I learned was uh, the 2 teams playing (laughing). I am not gonna pretend I know alot about football. The Rams and the Patriots... (laughing)

Interviewer: She does know her football
Question: Mariah you are wearing red, so does that mean you're rooting for the Patriots?
Mariah: I have a blue dress that I am wearing as well, what does that mean nothing? (laughs)
Interviewer: It means you like the Ram colors
Mariah: (Laughs) Hey
Interviewer: Question Here:
Question: (Inaudiable)

Mariah: I didn't , I don't know about the whole thing , but, I don't know what to say. I didn't know it was a competition (laughing)

Everyone Laughs

Mariah: Ok... Hi -

Question: Alot has been made about lip syncing or singing and earlier, it was said that alot has been pre-recorded by artist. Have you made a decision yet? About how you are going to go about that?

Mariah: I think the decisions were all made because of the fact that in a place of this , you know, you normally have the place just the sound quality it's really difficult for the people performing, and for the people listening..because of the fact that it bounces off the walls and its you know, it's not really the best of circumstances and I think everbody especially this year wanted to make sure that they get the best results.

Interviewer: Question:
Question: Is it going to be pre-recorded? (rest inaudiable) Is it pre-recorded then?
Interviewer: Only on Sunday - Sir
Mariah: (Laughs)
Question: (Inaudiable)
Mariah: What was the question?
Question: (Repeated- about Boston Pops)

Mariah: It's an honor , and I am very honored just to be here particularary this year , I think it's really important I think everybody is really focused on it a, patriotic nature of the show and everything else. The Boston Pops did an incrediable , um, rendition, of the Anthem so I'm really looking forward to the show.

Interviewer: Question in the back here
Question: Hi Mariah, Rick Williams (naming his source) Any relation to Drew Carey?
Mariah: YES! We're cousins. No, just kidding. (laughs)
Interviewer: Next Question:

Question: How does it feel to be asked to sing such an important song after the evnts of the Sept . 11 attacks?

Interviewer: Good Question.
Mariah: I'm sorry I didn't hear the last half of it.
Interviewer: In front of 800 million people world wide will be watching...

Mariah: Well Definitly after the events of Sept. 11th, I think that people obivously have been much more focused on . um, the patriotic nature of this event and what it's going to mean.. the fact that the world is watching , it's a very important honor and so I'm just really honored to be here and to be doing The National Anthem , and um, hoping that people enjoy it.

Interviewer: One more question lady in the white again.

Question: Alot of your fans, on seem to be (inaudiable) problems earlier, how do you feel right now , anything to say to them, (inaudiable)

Mariah: Um, to my fans, I have a very special relationship to my fans because they are the most loyal and incredible people, and um, as always I just thank them for being here and I hope that they enjoy watching, you know watching the Superbowl. I hope they enjoy watching my performance, I love them.. they know that.

Thank you Mariah . Look forward to seeing you on Sunday

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