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Postby Miss Moon » Mon Feb 04, 2002 5:16 pm

Here it here Image


Mariah: hello! hey lambz! i'm calling to say hi, i'm hoping that the last message i sent, erm, didn't go but i have a feeling that it did and it was quite a bunch of nonsense as usual. but anyways, i just wanted to say hi, let ya know that i'm thinking about you, love you, appreciate you and enjoy you and we're having a good time. you know, mary ann wants to say hi and that's that's tot, tatumn-tot, hold on

Mary Ann: yeah, i'm just hangin out, you know hangin out with ma girlfriend

Mariah (laughing): Oh darling, big nasty over here, Trey Lorenz wants to say hi, his new name is big nasty (laughs)

Trey: They call me big nasty coz i'm big and i'm nasty (everyone laughing)

Mariah: okay, baah-bye!


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