Luis and Mariah spend their Easter in the Mediterranean

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Postby Miss Moon » Wed Apr 17, 2002 2:15 pm

In order to enjoy the days of Easter, Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey visited Marbella, Spain, where they took a walk through Puerto Banús. There were hundreds of tourists around and they even took photos, until they signed autographs.
It came as a surprise to the by-standers. At night a Sedan Mercedes automobile appeared and two men lowered the entertainers with the intention to take a walk in Mediterranean, like any pair in love. Carey appeared radiating decorated in a red dress, black sandals and a showy bracelet on her left wrist. Could this be perhaps the 15 thousand-dollar jewel that Luis gave to her last November that was highly discussed in the media? On the other hand, the Mexican entertainer appeared in an elegant dark suit with a blue jacket, without a necktie.
Although at first they did not have disadvantages in greeting with the people around them by letting themselves be photographed, perhaps they did not calculate the amount of fanatics who would recognize them. Like before, their stroll began to become uncomfortable and at a certain point, a risky situation. In order to avoid the harassment of their followers, who surrounded the pair, two black men, bodyguards of the American singer, took part by helping the 'Hero' performer, while another crew of security escorted Luis Miguel to another location, which Luis loves.
The performer of 'You Or No One ' took advantage of his stay in Spain to work on his new album. Many days back, Luis had scheduled a greeting in Madrid to listen to 18 songs written by producer Juan Carlos Calderón for Luis’ next album.


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