Mariah Releases Quote on Leaving Virgin

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Mariah Releases Quote on Leaving Virgin

Mariah Carey quoted a lyric from a rap group, A Tribe Called Quest, to explain her reaction to being dropped by EMI. 'It goes like this,' she said. 'Something like, `Industry Rule No. 480: Record company people are shady.' 'Jobs change, and people change positions,' she added. 'I am looking forward to recording a new album, and making a new movie.'

Mario Buatta, the interior decorator who made over Ms. Carey's lower Manhattan triplex, recalled that during the time she was recording the 'Glitter' album, they were sitting at the kitchen table and she was listening to the soundtrack. 'She heard two notes that she didn't like, and she jumped up and got on the next plane to Los Angeles, re-recorded them and was back the next day,' he said. 'She just got totally exhausted from overwork.'

Ms. Carey said yesterday that she could weather the storm of negative stories. For example, she said, the notion she was more competitive with other female singers was largely a media mischaracterization. 'You know, if you're not acting catty with other women,' she said, 'then you have to be forlorn and miserable and waiting for your long- lost love to rescue you.' She said she almost laughed when she recently saw an unsmiling picture of herself in The National Enquirer along with a caption about her moping. 'Because I'm not beaming with a radiant smile every two minutes, then I'm lonely and waiting for my hero,' she said. 'Well, guess what? I'm not waiting for my hero. I'm my own hero. That's my job.'


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