Mariah Continues To Grow As A Musical Artist

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Mariah Carey continues to grow as a musical artist
By Mary Ann A. Bautista
Inquirer News Service
HER voice soars no matter what song she sings. Mariah Carey stamps each song with pain, joy, passion, sincerity and honesty. She practically bares her soul. So when she came out with a compilation album, she had a tough time selecting her songs. She has compiled an extraordinary amount of hits yet she humbly admits that she still has a lot to learn.

'I feel like I'm still growing as an artist. I feel that I wrote some of my best songs even before I had a record deal. I have a song, 'Reflections on Glitter' which I feel is in the caliber of my best songs.

'Because of my songs, I understand myself better as an artist and as a person. I was so young when I started making music. I was just a kid with a demo tape, then the first albums came one after another. I didn't take a break.

'But I like being a workaholic. Though now I can sometimes sit back and appreciate and enjoy the process of making the music. Performing out there can be fun, instead of being on a treadmill that doesn't stop,' Mariah sighs.

Q & A:
Is your album reflective of who you are as a person?
Yes, it's a portrait of how I've grown as an artist. Some of the big hits were not my favorites, but I'll always love my song 'One Sweet Day' because fans are always requesting it. There's also 'Hero.' I think the most important thing is that the fans get something that they like and that they want to listen to.
Some fans say, they've never heard the song, 'So Blessed' before, or that they want to check out 'Daydream.' It's an emotional journey to have this album.
It started with a song that was written in a studio at the back of a woodshed. Thank God, I'm still having fun with my music. Music is what gets me through everything in life.

For a songwriter, some songs trigger special memories. Can you share some of your good memories.
I remember that I wanted to come together with BoyzIIMen to do 'One Sweet Day.' We clicked and we had a similar idea about the melody. I remember writing 'Love Takes Time' because we needed a pop song for the album.
When I listen to it now I understand why people like it, because it is so simple yet it is also emotional. It's hard for me to talk about different tracks because they all evoke a different memory.

Can you pick a favorite song?
'Fantasy' is a definite favorite among the up-tempo records. But there are favorites that I haven't heard for a long time, songs like 'Can't Let Go' and 'Any Time You Need A Friend.'
I don't listen to my own music everyday, especially the older stuff, so it's nice to do back and hear those songs. It's hard to pick a favorite because I'm also a songwriter.

Are you more comfortable with ballads or upbeat tunes?
I like both. People ask me to sing upbeat tunes. People love the regular version as well as the techno-house version of 'Dream Lover.' I also like singing ballads because they're so emotional.

You have a knack for turning your ballads into club anthems. What's your secret?
I just watch and listen to my audience. I can redo ballads and turn them into dance records because I collaborate with David Morales. I give him free rein with the track and I re-arrange the vocals and re-write the song. I don't know, we just get inspired just sitting there, listening to the beat, and singing whatever comes to mind.
She also doesn't mind collaborating with other artists. She did 'I'll Be There' with Trey Lorenz; 'Endless Love' with Luther; 'One Sweet Day' with BoyzIIMen; 'When You Believe' with Whitney Houston and 'Thank God I Found You' with Joe and 98 Degrees.

What is it about your music that your fans connect with?
Each song should lift you out of a bad mood. It should touch you emotionally. A song can do that.

GlitterGlamour (From FOMM), Inquirer.

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