Details About MJ Vs. Sony (MC Related)

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Details About MJ Vs. Sony (MC Related)
I've receieved several emails from Michael Jackson fans including a quote from the official michael jackson news team's administrator, Robin Meltzer confirming the news that was posted earlier regarding what Michael Jackson told about Mariah and Tommy Mottola in his fan conference in the UK.
From a MJ fan post in a messageboard:

'The thing he said about Mariah Carey was so shocking. He said, and I'm quoting roughly from the top of my head: 'I probably shouldn't say this... actually, can you people with video cameras turn them off a second... oh, film it, I don't care, Mariah Carey has cried in my arms because of Tommy Mottola. He's tabbed her phone, stalked her.'
From Robin Meltzer:

'Michael, who had watched two hours of live performances from tribute artists at the Fan Club bash from his VIP box at the side of the stage, thanked the performers for their talent and the fans for their loyalty.
He then began an unprecedented verbal assault on the appalling tactics of Sony Music who he accused of trying to 'destroy' the INVINCIBLE album because they couldn't stand the thought that the artist had 'out-thought' the company.

Michael told his fans that he only had to do one more album for Sony, and that would be a box set with two new songs. 'I can give them any old songs,' he said, to laughter and rapturous applause. 'I'm a free agent now,' he continued, 'but I walk away with 50% of Sony Publishing. They're very angry with me.'

Jackson described Sony CEO Tommy Mottola as 'evil,' 'the devil' and said that his way of doing business had to be 'terminated'.

On the top deck of an open-top London Sightseeing bus, Michael responded to chants of 'Sony Sucks' by putting his thumbs up and, later, joining in with the chants. Central London was brought to a standstill as thousands of people vied for a closer look at the King of Pop.'

I would like to add that the spreading of this news is of high importance as we all remember how badly Mariah was treated by Sony, and some believe she still is.
I urge all Mariah fans/webmasters to help Michael's fans as it seems they are well aware of Mariah's situation and so is Michael!
In the pictures below, you can see Michael's fans handing him a framed picture of their battle against Sony. In the pictures you can notice small pictures of MARIAH and George Michael with Xs on their faces representing how Sony treated them!
The third picture is of Michael telling everyone what he thinks of Sony.




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