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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Feb 07, 2002 1:09 pm

My name is Denis Harting and I am an undeniable Mariah Carey fan, a true lamb! Besides, I'm a singer, writer and composer of R&B music, starting to record my own material and make my way through the music industry. A few months ago, I wrote and composed a compelling tribute song to Mariah called 'Rainbow Lady'. It's an R&B ballad, a bit in her vibe, very soul oriented! I'm very proud of it and I want as many lambs as possible to hear it before anyone else! So I was wondering if you could talk about it on your site and invite people to go listen to it. I have a page on a site dedicated to unsigned artists and the song is uploaded there, along with two others, for people to download and enjoy, to see my page & listen to my songs Here Image


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