Mariah, Whitney & Missy are sisters?

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May 29th

'Sisters share a Special bond: Just ask Missy Elliot!'
Rap artist Missy Elliott spoke with Music Beat magazine recently, and while interviewed she reported that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are her sisters. Well, not in that sense of the word. Elliott told reporter Doug Rollins that she considers Houston and Carey to be her sisters who she confides in and looks up to. 'I've worked with Mariah and Whitney a couple of times and they are sweet ladies. I've always been a huge fan of both of them since they each released their debut album. I remember when my manager told me that Mariah wanted me to be on the 'Heartbreaker' Remix with her and asked me if I wanted to. I thought I was about to faint or something. I was like Mariah Carey; a legendary artist wants me to rap on her track? I was going through so many emotions all at once. I mean I was shocked she wanted ME on her record, thrilled that she did so and asked if I would, and honored and ecstatic that she liked my music and work enough to even ask me. It was something I tell ya'.

Elliott told Rollins that she sometimes feels that she hasn't earned the right to be associating herself with Divas like Carey, Houston, (Janet) Jackson, and even the ultimate Diva, Diana Ross. She says when she is around them she gets a little nervous. 'I start to sweat and my nerves start acting up whenever I'd see or talk to one of them. But after a while I started to relax a bit. I think working with Whitney did something to me. We were working on her track 'In My Business' and every time I'd stutter or be all silent she'd know I was nervous and she'd say to me `Girl, would you relax already. I ain't gonna bite you or anything', and things along that line until I calmed down and laugh'. Elliott says she has better control over herself around the people she has come to know and work with but meeting new people is still hard for her. She admits being shy and isn't quick to approach certain people right away.

Although life doesn't always treat us right, Elliott says no matter how hard life gets to be at times and everything seems to be going wrong, she gets the strength to go on and gets through her troubles from the support of her sisters. 'My music means a lot to me and it helps me to deal with different issues in life; but sometimes it isn't enough and you need another form of saving grace. That's where my sisters come in. Mariah and Whitney and I have all become such great friends. They're my sisters! They are so nice and comfortable to be around and easy to talk to. When I have a problem I'd confide in them and they help me to deal with it. They help me to feel better when I'm down, or whatever. I remember once I was upset about something and I was talking to Mariah. I told her that there was something on my mind and I wanted to talk about it. She says to me, `Sure thing. I know if I had a problem I'd wanna confide in someone like me', meaning herself. That had me cracking up. MC is a funny girl and always makes me laugh no matter what. I love her! But anyway, all I know is that I'm so lucky and honored to know both of them, and to have their friendships. It means a whole lot to me. I wouldn't sacrifice my relationship with my two special sisters for anything in the world. We share a bond that cannot be broke', she says.

Just how did the three musketeers form? Well, Elliot explains, 'Mariah and Whitney are tight with each other, have been for awhile. They are always there for each other and Whitney told me herself one time that Mariah is her closest friend and is like a sister to her. She'd just keep referring to Mariah as her sister in conversations. Mariah knew how Whitney felt about her and told her she was touched by her gesture, and said she'd love to be her sister. Whenever I'd hang out with them they'd refer to each other as sister and they were so cute when they were together. I told them they have a unique and special relationship being honorary sisters the way they were, and that it made me wish I had a special relationship like that with someone, so they said they'd adopt me and we could all be sisters in a way like no other. That's how our special relationship formed. A relationship I'll treasure forever'.


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