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'In our celebrity-soaked culture, we often forget why people-some people, anyway-become famous in the first place. We get so caught up in scrutinizing their mating habits, their dining habits, their wardrobes, that their talent becomes obscured, almost an afterthought. I've always found it strange that much of the press coverage of Mariah Carey is spent questioning her creative choices and personal life, yet rarely remarks on her powerful five-octave-range voice, surely one of the great pop instruments of the last decade. A few years ago, I was seated next to Carey at a small dinner in a downtown restaurant. It was late, the evening was winding down, and she was staring off into space, lost in her own thoughts. I'd been talking with the person on my other side when she started singing to herself, just under her breath, almost subconsciously. Her little song stopped me midsentence. Hearing that voice, so recognizable from the radio and MTV, even at next-to-no-volume and minus the orechstra, made my heart skip a beat.'
~ Roberta Myers, Editor in Chief, Elle Magazine.

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