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Postby Miss Moon » Wed Mar 06, 2002 6:15 pm

Guadalajara, Mexico- In the middle of all class rumors Luis Miguel desires of Mariah took their tour 'My Romances' in Mexico with best desires of luck...Sea Turtle. Sources close friends to the singer assure that 'the Sun' arrived at Guadalajara of the hand from his loved Mariah, which confirms the suspicions that its reconciliation is imminent.
To oo:15 of Lusimi Thursday he stepped on earth tapatias and, on board of a car Mercedes model ML5000 color polarized silver and glasses, he left the airport deprived of Guadalajara and Lopez Mateos went to a hotel located in the Avenue, at where previously part arrived from its human equipment and its luggage.

During the day the singer remained in the hotel that had everything a floor reserved for it's people; to 16:15 hours he left course to Stage 3 March to make his test of sound, he arrived at the facilities of the Independent University of Guadalajara (in whose University city the building is located) by the entrance of students and went to the scene by the sport zone.

There he arrived at the test accompanied by a woman and he rumored himself between his staff that was Mariah. It lowered single of the Mercedes and he went to the scene, whereas its companion waited for it in the car, parked to centimeters of the sestidores that regularly the soccer players of the equipment of Tecos use and that stops this occasion were qualified like dressing rooms.

Exactly to 16:30 hours Luis Miguel he initiated his his test with the subject 'Without You', later he interpreted 'Dame Tu Love', 'Sun, Sand, Sea' and finally 'Smooth'. Immediately the mariachi entered who would accompany it during the concert and tried with them 'the Bikina.' Apparently, the singer was not as with the songs that she interpreted and she made return to the musicians to try 'Love, Love, Love', subject with which intiates its concerts.

In order to warm up the voice. Luis Miguel repeated in several occasions 'Ey,ey,ey' he made falsettos and until he shouted. Until that moment its companion never descended from the car and much less it lowered polarized glasses. Passed 15 minutes of the 17:00 hours Luis Miguel he gave by finished his test, one became to raise the Mercedes and left the facilities of the stage, to return three hours later and to start with his tour 2002.

source: Mason Via Email | People/North Redaccion/El

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