SONY bosses see red over Motolla's actions...

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Postby Miss Moon » Thu Apr 25, 2002 5:17 pm


Mariah Carey fans of the world rejoice: Tommy Mottola's luck may have just run out. The wealthy chairman and CEO of America's Sony Music Entertainment Group, is in hot water with the company's Japanese counterparts, who have caught wind of the serious allegations regarding his treatment of former label mega-star, Mariah Carey. Mottola reportedly attempted to sabotage Carey's Glitter album in order to boost the career of rival songbird Jennifer Lopez.

A confession made by record executive Irv Gotti in the current edition of XXL magazine, has pushed Mottola into potentially hazardous territory with the company. Gotti admitted that Mottola, Carey's ex-husband, instructed him to make a record for Jennifer Lopez that sounded exactly like one Gotti's company had made with Carey for her movie, Glitter. According to sources who worked on the movie, Mottola was also secretly viewing footage of Glitter while his ex-wife was shooting it, giving him the upper-hand -- and subsequently, the ability to use Carey's creative concepts against her.

Sony's Japanese executives are apparently less than impressed with Mottola's antics, and are furious over the loss of one of their highest selling international artists. Carey's Japanese fan base is nothing less than phenomenal. When music mogul Molly Meldrum visited Tokyo, he declared that 'Mariah Mania' had taken over. 'Her music is everywhere and she's also promoting a line of lipstick for a local cosmetics company,' he said. The sassy songstress recently featured alongside Japanese comedian Sanma Akasiya to promote a line of products for Nescafe.

Prior to being released from her contract last year, Carey had maintained an amicable relationship with Sony Music's Japanese branch. Although elsewhere the singer's Glitter album was released by a then-confident Virgin Music, Sony Japan fought for the rights of its release. The soundtrack failed to sell well internationally, but became an instant hit in Japan, debuting at #1. Carey was thrilled with the news of the project's success -- regardless of how geographically limited it was.

'I can't even express how much this means to me as an artist and as an individual especially at this moment in my life' she said. 'I can't thank you enough and I look forward to seeing you all in Japan. Aish** emasu!'.


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Postby pinkGLAM » Sun Apr 28, 2002 10:14 am

what kind of action are they going to take against him? considering everyone (ja rule, gotti & the NY dj) are pointing the finger @ him?

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