Mariah Daily Announces Move

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Postby Miss Moon » Mon Feb 18, 2002 1:37 pm

Mariah Daily Announces Move

Regina emailed me and asked for this to be posted. Please read carefully! It explains the whole ordeal w/ no updates on Mariah Daily!

On Feb. 5th, our server crashed. Our host, Peel, has been working on backing up all the files of Mariah Daily and moving them to a new server. They accomplished that and on Saturday (Feb 9th), Mariah Daily appeared again. Sadly, our FTP server, which allows us to update Mariah Daily, is still down and has been down since last week. Peel is working on it and I was told that it should be up last night, which as you can see, it is not sadly. I have been continuing to update the page and as soon as the server comes up, new information and pics from the last week will show.

As you, I am very frustrated with Peel and how slow they are. So I have purchased a new host and a new domain, I should have the site running on the new domain by around Wednesday night most likely and as soon as comes up, I will announce the move. There will be no more pop-ups or banner ads on the new location and it will be completely secure so the site don't go down anymore. I am VERY sorry for this down time and this has been the longest Mariah Daily has ever been down. MD is not closing nor are we on vacation, we are just waiting for everything to begin working again. Please spread the word about, THANKS!

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