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The battle to sign Mariah Carey to a new record label is heating up. Music industry insiders say Clive Davis' J Records Davis is trying woo her with promises she'll have creative control. 'He says he will turn her into the new Whitney Houston,' one source laughed. 'Look at what he did for Alicia Keys - it's impressive, but then again, Virgin gave [Carey] creative control and that was a mess.'
Lyor Cohen's Island/Def Jam is trying to win Carey over by promising her 'cross-promotion' with Island/Def Jam's parent company, Vivendi. 'Vivendi owns Universal and Mariah's trying to break into movies,' the source pointed out. 'Mariah is holding all the cards here.'
Warner Music is also said to be 'aggressively in the mix.' Carey's decision is expected within a week. Her rep, Cindi Berger, said: 'There are three or four labels actively pursuing her. She is a smart businesswoman and she's taking her time before she makes any decisions.'

(New York Post)

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