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Mariahsweb Exclusive: Sweet Science,
Mariah's New Movie

Who else is starring in this new movie? Who else was up for the role that Mariah landed? brings you more tidbits about this breaking news:

In this interview with Meg Ryan, dated 2-15-02, it specifies that either she is playing a manger as well, or was up for the Role that Mariah landed. Is Mariah's part playing former boxing manager Jackie Kallen?? Does she have the role instead of Mariah? Do they, are they co-starring?? Read the interview!

Get Yer Dukes Up: Romantic comedy queen Meg Ryan may not think she should retire from drippy romcoms, but I do. Which is why I wholeheartedly support her decision to play former boxing manager Jackie Kallen, one of the few women behind the scenes in 'The Sweet Science'. Kallen guided the careers of champs like Tommy Hearns before heading the International Female Boxer's Association. Not bad for a Jewish woman from Detroit. (Omar Epps is set to costar.)

Ryan has been doing her research ringside in Vegas for any number of title bouts because she's fascinated by the scene outside the ring, too. 'I think there's something so pure about it,' Ryan says. 'It's two guys in the ring, and one's trying to knock out the other one. I mean, what's more primal than that?' Maybe, but it doesn't sound very, um, girly. Ryan shakes her head. 'There's a technical aspect to it that I think women can really appreciate--it's like chess with pain.'

[Source: E! Online ]

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