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Postby Miss Moon » Fri Feb 22, 2002 4:42 pm


A lot of press announcements came out this week regarding Mariah Carey's next movie deal. Producer Anthony Esposito told the willing and waiting wire services that Mariah would star in a new movie called Sweet Science, and play a boxing coach. But hold it, say Carey insiders.
Apparently Esposito, who was the man behind Carey's Wisegirls, decided to make his announcement independent of having a deal, a signed contract, or even a distributor for Wisegirls. That's right. He's so busy getting ready to make a new movie that Esposito apparently still hasn't found someone to take on the one he's got in the can.
I will say that Esposito did tell me at Sundance he fully expected to make another movie with Mariah. He's been planning Sweet Science for some time. But Carey has not agreed to anything. In fact, I doubt she will until she and her management sees how Esposito fares with placing Wisegirls.
Wisegirls is a good film, by the way, and Mariah - surprisingly - acquits herself in the movie as a tough talking waitress with a heart of gold. If Esposito can get it out there and make some money, he might have an argument to get Mariah back before his cameras. But a lot remains to be seen. Meantime, Carey - who picked up $49 million as she waltzed away from Virgin Records - would be wise to take a break and strategize her next moves.

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