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(The picture with this article , is a picture of Mariah that Heatherette has on their website. The address is below. I am supposing, this is the outfit they covered for Mariah- which was preety clever ! I love that shirt! hehe - they also have a big beautiful picture of this cover, you can see that by Clicking here - Image That picture is also included with is article.)

Stylists and designers around the world have an affinity with each other, a bond that is hard to break - although the race to dress Nicole for the Oscars has been known to strain it. Yet despite the potential pitfalls of fashion, one pair of designersyet to take a wrong step is the New Yorkers Heatherette.
In the past year, the divine Richie Rich plus strong 'n' silent Travor Rains have built up a partnership that has launched trends and, with its clothes, bonded careers. Having dressed stars such as Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Shirley Manson, Mariah Carey and my own personal styling dream, the Backstreet Boys, Heatherette has become the name on everyone' s lips in a city as well known for its love of fashion as its fickleness. And next month, Heatherette is planning a London launch that should be thecity's fashion moment of 2002.
Their clothes are for 'the pop star who lives in all of us', they say. Yet how did the real pop stars hear about Heatherette? 'We have a good friend, the photographer David La Chapelle, and he introduced us to Mariah [Carey] for her Loverboy and Glitteralbums,' says Richie. Do most celebrities have stylists? 'They all have stylists as they don't have time to find out what's going on.'

So who is their favourite pop star to dress? Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, they say. 'He was so much fun to hang out with and sooo into fashion, ' enthuses Travor. 'He tried on everything that we made for him.'

Heatherette, Inc (001 212 683 0563;


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