Mariah Finally Gets Some Sleep

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Mariah Finally Gets Some Sleep
In a recent interview with Jimmy Jam (Co-producer with Terry Lewis on Mariah's latest albums), he commented about his work with Mariah:
'We recently caught up with Jam and got the scoop on his forthcoming projects.'

[About] Mariah Carey: 'We were working about two-and-a-half weeks ago, and we came up with a song that everybody was feeling. And normally she would wait around for us to cut it, and she would do a demo vocal. But this time, she said, 'Do you want me to stay?'
'And we said, 'No, we can do it tomorrow.' And she said, 'Good, then I'm going to go home to go to bed.' And I thought, 'Great!' That's something I've never heard her say before!'

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