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Postby Miss Moon » Fri Mar 15, 2002 2:58 pm

Your might want to visit one of these sites even though it is aimed for europeans it might come in handy as there are plenty of french, german, spanish & flemmish articles
'Wise Girls In Europe' sites
German site = http://mariahtropolis.com/honeykate/frames.htmhttp://mariahtropolis.com/honeykate/frames.htm,
Spanish site = mariahmania.com/wisegirls/index.htmlhttp://www.mariahmania.com/wisegirls/index.html,
French site = mariahfanclub.com/evenements/wisegirlshttp://www.mariahfanclub.com/evenements/wisegirls,
Flemmish site = http://heroesofmariah.50megs.com/wisegirlsintronl.htmlhttp://heroesofmariah.50megs.com/wisegirlsintronl.html
British site coming asap

source: mariahbuzz.com

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