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Postby Miss Moon » Fri Mar 15, 2002 3:01 pm

Mariah Carey has got a body that makes men drool but apparently her build didn't satisfy Hollywood. As you've probably already heard, the singer-turned-actress has signed on for her third major role in a motion picture. This time it's in the independent drama 'Sweet Science'. In the film Carey will play a determined boxing manager who drafts an unknown female boxer to make a name for them both.
Anthony Esposito, the film's co-producer, revealed that Carey was actually first cast as the boxer herself. 'Although Mariah's body is gorgeous already, it wasn't suitable for the role. She would've needed serious training,' Esposito said. Still, apparently Mariah thinks she needs to shape up.
Looking for toning tips, Carey turned to her brother Morgan, who's a personal trainer in Los Angeles. The songstress is now doing daily leg raises, push-ups and other exercising techniques. 'I got into the good life a little too much and became more voluptuous than I wanted to be,' Carey was quoted saying. 'Now I run on the treadmill and do sit-ups, but I find that if I work out too much, I have no energy left for singing.' Who knows? The high-octave diva might have to change her name to 'Hulkariah'.

Many thanks to Mariah Land.

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