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Postby Miss Moon » Wed Apr 17, 2002 2:11 pm

These days Mariah Carey moves quicker than a fugitive does on the run from the police. She’s been in twelve different places in the last month, and that’s her down time. Lord knows what it must be when she’s 'busy'. Although she says she’s in Spain in her latest voice message left on her official web site, (dated April 11), she’s been out of Spain for days.
Carey was in Andalucia, Spain finishing up the touches on her 'All That Glitters' soundtrack album when she decided to reunite with her Latin lover, Luis Miguel several days later in Marbella. There, the couple romanced on the sandy banks of Puerto Banús and had a steamy dinner at a near-by restaurant - but that was Friday. The couple then headed to Paris, France, where they spent Saturday and most of Sunday relaxing from their busy and hectic schedules. Both singers are in between albums, so the time seemed to meet perfectly.
But it doesn’t stop there. Yesterday, Carey headed to the United Kingdom where she is gearing up to film her third Nescafe commercial for Nestle Japan. Carey signed a campaign deal with Nestle back in late 1999 and it took off in mid-2000. Of course, it is only airing in Japan, where Carey is the highest selling artist there.
However, Carey isn’t the only star to break into Japanese Ad Campaigns. For Hollywood stars, Japan is truly the Land of the Rising Sum. They are ranking in huge sums because they have a yen to do Japanese print ads and commercials - something most would never do at home for fear of tarnishing their images. The money is too good to refuse and celebrities make anywhere from $1 million to over $4 million for an ad campaign contract. So, that’s not bad for Carey, considering she has done advertisements in Japan for Sony Music’s Mini Disc, Kose Cosmetics, AEON, as well as her lingering deal with Nescafe.
If all goes well, the new commercial will debut on Japanese TV within the next few months, and Carey will have even more money to put in the bank. Her account must be racking up, after Virgin Records guaranteed her $20 million dollars per record in her new ground breaking contract.
Afterwards, Mariah will fly back to Paris to meet with Luis again. She will get some rest in before flying back to her home in New York where she will get ready for the busy months to come ahead.

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