Ja Rule supports Mariah's vindication

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Ja Rule
Last week, I told you that rap impresario Irv Gotti confirmed that Tommy Mottola had lifted at least two concepts by Mariah Carey from her Glitter project before it was released and had handed them to Jennifer Lopez. Now it seems that Gotti's protégé, rapper Ja Rule, who made first Mariah's record and then a copycat recording for Lopez, confirms what Gotti said.
In audio clip that can be heard at http://www.z100.com Ja Rule - who re-recorded Carey's 'If We' as Lopez remixed 'I'm Real' - tells the radio station: 'I got a call from J. Lo and them, they heard the record that I did for her (Mariah) somehow, and they thought the record was like incredible. So they called me and said, 'We want you to do a record for J. Lo's new single, I'm Real, but we need it now. Like right now. We're shooting the video Saturday.' It was like Thursday, I got the call. So they bring the record over, and drop it off. Like with no instructions, like, 'Do what you want Ja.' And that was the whole awkward thing about it, like, 'What do you mean? Do what I want.' I was like, 'I've never wrote a whole R&B record,' and it just shocked me. And he was like, 'Yeah, do what you want with it.''
The Ja Rule interview is now being featured on the Z100 site, which is interesting because in the past the station - owned by Clear Channel Communications - would never have taken on the head of a record company in such a way. But it seems like evidence is starting to seep out that Mottola really did orchestrate the undermining of Carey's career. As I also reported earlier, when Carey discovered what had happened it gave her the leverage to take Glitter away from Sony even though she had two albums left on her contract.

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