Music Insiders Don't Sell Mariah Short

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Music Insiders Don't Sell Mariah Short
When Glitter's fairy dust settles, pop's golden girl will shine again. So say music industry observers who expect Mariah Carey to land a fat record deal, despite a bomb album that ended her estimated $100 million multi-album contract with EMI. The label's $49 million buyout won't sideline Carey, who sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, for long. 'She's going to get signed in a heartbeat,' predicts Martin Kirkup of Direct Management, which handles k.d. lang and Patti LaBelle and recently ushered Eden's Crush onto the charts. 'She's got an amazing five-octave range. Most labels would be eager to sign her to a high-royalty, low-advance deal. The biggest danger is that this is a business where perception can become reality.'

The perception of Carey as a flop is premature, says Sean Ross, editor of Airplay Monitor.

'Labels are looking for superstars, and even after all this, she's clearly a bigger, more marketable name than any 10 developing acts combined.'

Glitter sold 18,000 copies last week and 506,000 in the USA since its Sept. 11 release. Compare that with breakthrough band Nickelback's Silver Side Up, also out Sept. 11. It sold 80,000 copies last week for a total of 3 million.

Since 1991, Carey has sold 40.3 million albums in the USA. While it ended Carey's decade-long winning streak, Glitter may be a glitch in a remarkable ride that's already produced 15 No. 1 singles.

'She's very signable, and labels will pursue her because she's a proven commodity,' says Gary Jackson, senior editor at Hits magazine. 'One album hit a snag, but that doesn't mean she's a failure. From 1990 to 2000, she could do no wrong. She's 32, still in her athletic prime and still able to belt it out. (J Records founder) Clive Davis could easily resurrect her career.'

Source: article from USA Today.

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