Maria Answers Question about Mariah in Rent-A-Husband

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Maria Answers Question about Mariah in Rent-A-Huband
Here is an interview with Maria Grazia Cucinotta about her new movie, Rent-A-Husband. The original article is in Italian and was translated by If you want to check it out in Italian click here.
Q: Mrs. Cucinotta, behind the angle is the America and a film with Mariah Carey. Excited?
A: 'I'm very excited, I have never worked with a singer before, I hope it works out, large stars are very busy, I will only believe it when the film premieres.

Q:When does shooting begin?
A:The resumptions of the film Husbands in directed rent Ilaria Borrelli would have to begin shooting in September between United States and Canada. I will be an Italian moglie that goes to the search of the e'migre' husband and then scomparso, interpreted from Alexander Gassman, and I will find again it riaccasato with an American, Mariah exactly.

Q: Will you rest this summer then?
A: Anything but rest! July I will pass it in Polonia where I will turn to the flank of Claudius Amendola directed from the Frazzi siblings tv the movie for RAI on the tragedy of the Belgian mine of Marcinelle that in years ' 50 cost the life to many emigrating ours. I will not be a heroin but one victim of the life.

Q: Wil your daughter Julia of nine months will follow you?
A: In America sure,summer will be vaction with the little one, I will make sure of it.


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