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Postby Helena » Wed Sep 25, 2002 1:34 pm


We’ve heard it! Thanks to Mercury Records, the 3C gang has been given a sneak preview of Shania Twain’s forthcoming single, “I’m Gonna Getcha Goodâ€￾. Here are Pat Geary’s first impressions:

If you’re a Shania fan, you’re no doubt expecting this single to be good. Well, forget it…it’s better than good, it’s magnificent! Although extremely catchy, the track is also very complex in its construction. There are a number of different sections, so the song never gets boring or repetitive.

Elements in the arrangement include a slightly Middle Eastern-sounding string flourish (reminded me of Holly Vallance’s “Kiss Kissâ€￾ , and another section with harmony backing vocals that are vaguely reminiscent (to me, anyway) of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsodyâ€￾.

There are a few seconds in “I’m Gonna Getche Goodâ€￾ that will remind you of the “Come On Overâ€￾ album, but for the most part it sounds fresh and different. Needless to say, it is punchy and extremely commercial. If the rest of the â€￾Upâ€￾ album is anything like this good, I think there is a good chance sales could match or exceed those of “Come On Overâ€￾.

As soon as Mercury gives us the green light, we’ll be playing “I’m Gonna Getcha Goodâ€￾ on 3C, and we’ll also have advance previews of other “Upâ€￾ album tracks in the days before the album’s release. You wouldn’t expect any less from World’s Best Country, 3C!

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