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Postby admin » Fri Nov 08, 2002 1:51 am

>> Reporter: Thank you very much. I'm in nashville where everyone was anxiously awaiting the return of shania twain. How did it feel? Well, through the magicof television, we're going to take a look right now. She conditions it way up a notc as she opened last night's country music awards. After being away for nearly three years, she's back, but this time, as a new mom. How is motherhood?

>> It's great. It's really wonderful. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

>> Reporter: You changing diapers yourself?

>> Of course.

>> Reporter: Is that the reason you wanted to take the time off, to have the baby and concentrate on family life?

>> Well, the songwriting really takes a long time. I have to say that it got slowed down by the pregnancy and everything because i really get into being a domestic mom.

>> Reporter: And another country mom, faith hill, returns to the stage after two-year absence. Her performance brought the crowd to its feet and tears to the eyes of husband, tim mcgraw. They were definitely the talk of the night but the big winner, alan jackson, ten country music award nominations and walked away with five big awards.

>> Alan jackson!

>> Reporter: Wake up, daddy just won. Alan took homele vocalist of the year, entertainer of the year, album of the year, and single and song of the year for 9/11 tribute "where were you when the world stopped turn?" And celebrating the wins with him were his wife and kids. He got five awards, i think one for each member of the family. Did you plan it that way?

>> Yeah, i got all those kids so they got to carry a anaward home.

>> Reporter: And it was an emotional night for martina mcbride who won female vocalist of the year.

>> I'm especially happy because my mom and dad are here tonight.

>> Reporter: You got very emotional up there. What were you thinking?

>> I was thinking, oh my gosh, i can't believe I'm getting this emotional.

>> I know both faith and shania were two of your good friends. What did you think about their return?

>> So excited. I've seen faith a lot. I haven't seen shania at all. I'm excited she's back.

>> Reporter: And if you want to hear moreom shania, you can buy her new cd in stores november 19th. We're going to go to billy bush and talk a little bit of pop. Would you do me a favor because he's going to be so thrilled, talk to billy.

>> Billy, take it away.

>> Reporter: Thank you very much. Shania will be down-in-town next week to talk about her album with me

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