Shania Twain On Tonight Show 1/14 Transcript

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Postby admin » Wed Jan 15, 2003 12:18 pm

>> Jay: That was great. How are you? Have a seat.

>> You are beautiful. Just beautiful.

>> Jay: I love that hat. Good to see you again. Here you go. Here we are. Welcome back.

>> Thank you. It's great to be back.

>> Jay: You haven't been here in about -- you took what, three years off?

>> Yeah, it's been a while. Well, not off.

>> Jay: Well, you know, you had the baby.

>> Yes, having a baby. That's not being off, right? Having a baby is hard work.

>> Jay: Yeah, that's hard work.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> And making a record. Making new music. It's been a lot of work.

>> Jay: Now, you're doing the super bowl.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That's right.

>> Jay: Now that -- is that nerve-wracking? Is that scary?

>> No, no. That's going to be, actually, really fun.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> It's not like this show. This show's kinda scary. Never. This is a great show. It's a lot of fun to be here.

>> Jay: Yeah, but I mean -- I mean, you're in this huge --

>> The super bowl is just a lot of fun because I think everybody -- first of all, sports is always a really good a spirit. It brings everybody together.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Um, it's all about competition and everything, but everybody's sitting at home, drinking beer and eating popcorn. You know, having a good time. So, it's just a fun spirit, right? The super bowl.

>> Jay: Cool, cool.

[ Applause ] There's like three different versions of this, right?

>> There are. Three different versions, musically, of each song.

>> Jay: There's the country version.

>> Yes. Country. A pop version. I call them green, blue and red.

>> Jay: Green, blue and red.

>> Those are the colors.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> But, anyways, yeah, there's sort of like a rhythmic version that's very ethnic asian sounding.

>> Jay: Oh, very cool.

>> Very different.

>> Jay: Well, congratulations on everything. Don't be such a stranger now.

>> I know.

>> Jay: Shania twain. "Up" is the new cd.

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