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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:30 pm

I feel like posting my old stories on here too, and you can't stop me so :nana: Its a shortie, but whatever :P

She'd only just broken up with her boyfriend, but instead of shedding tears over a rented movie eating ice cream she thought she'd be productive, she'd go out.

She'd been through a lot of sh*t, you'd think she could handle a simple broken heart, but theres just something about him... She couldnt let him go, even for a minute, she couldnt stop thinking about him.

She was normally a quiet girl, despite everyones expectations, but tonight she decided she'd be different. Christina the whore. Thats what they all think of her, right? Why not? What does she have to lose?

She was in London at the time, and decided to visit the club 'Funky Buddha.' She heard it was pretty hot, and the guest list was pretty hard to get onto, so she wouldnt have to mix with anyone she didnt deserve. Thats right, be cocky. Shes a beautiful woman, a strong woman, a woman of many talents. But what she doesnt know is that I'll be watching her...

* * * * * * * * * *

Inside the club she felt oddly at home, it seemed packed with celebrities today. She scanned the crowd. Anyone in particular take her fancy? She saw a lot of 'friends' (the kind who were friendly because of her status -she didnt know thats what it was at first though, she thought they liked her as a person. Its a tough world) and she saw a lot of people she knew the name of but had never met. Would they be better? With a 'friend' it might get messy...

Then someone caught her eye. Damn, she was sure everyone must be looking at him, at least from the corner of their eyes. And hes without his wife.

Is it wrong to go for someone who is married? But they dont have to reciprocate. If they do, if they end up f*cking then it is only their fault, she'd just be a catalyst for whatever, whatever was gonna happen anyway.

Is there a chance he wont want to go with her? Well once a cheater, always a cheater as they say...

* * * * * * * * * *

She suddenly becomes aware of his eyes on her, so she reciprocates, she meets his stare and for a moment he looks away, her heart misses a beat as she thinks it may not work, but he meets her eyes again and smiles. Someone nearby starts talking to him so he has to look away, but as she makes her way to an empty booth she notes he looks at her from time to time.

The guy stops talking to him and this time there is no one to take away his attention. He makes his way through the throng of people to sit next to her in the booth.

'Hey I'm David-'

'Beckham, yes I know. I'm Christina'

Her plan is working perfectly...

* * * * * * * * * *

She throws a tantrum like everyone expects a 'diva' like her to do. She asks for the toilets to be cleared so that she can do her make up and buisness in private, some clubbers reckoned she did drugs since she took so long in there. David Beckham conveniently overheard her tantrum and refused to come back to the club unless he can go at the same time.

Inside the bathroom with her bodyguards securing the door they take little time in formalities and are soon ripping at each others clothes. This is surprising behaviour from Christina. Those who know her would say shes shy and retiring, that the slutty front is merely costume and lighting. But something has changed inside her, something has switched off or on and shes turned into something she never thought possible: a confident woman, a seductress.

She first takes off his shirt to reveal his muscular upper body, then her hand roams to the buckle of his belt which she quickly undoes, moving next to his flies, then pushing down his ragged jeans, hes stood infront of her in nothing more than a pair of crisp white boxers.

His hand goes to undo her dress but she steps back. Ever the consumate performer, she likes to put on a show. She lets her hair down from a ponytail as he watches it hit her bare shoulders. With one sweeping hand motion she reaches to the back of her dress and undoes the clasp, with her dress dropping gracefully to the floor. She is not just stood in her underwear, she wasn't wearing any.

David likes what he sees.

* * * * * * * * * *

She brushes her hand against his bare chest, puts it on his shoulder, and moves it down to his biceps.

'You're so strong, I bet if you pushed me against the wall you'd be able to' she looks down at he floor and then looks innocently into his eyes 'have your way with me and there'd be nothing I could do to resist you'

He takes his cue and pushes her aganst the wall, and puts her legs around his hips so he can penetrate her. But he doesnt penetrate her straight away, he teases her by twisting her hair and kissing her neck.

'What are you waiting for?'

So he does it. He penetrates her, hard and fast. His thrusts take her by surprise and she tries to withold a yelp, shes loving every second. The doubts that had been eating away at her had now dissappeared. They where both moments from coming what I cough -purposefully.


'Is anyone in here?'

I keep the frightening silence as I escape. I filmed every moment.

* * * * * * * * * *

The scandal that ensues is horrific for her, I dunno about David, thats not who I care about. She comes under the glare of everybody. I almost feel bad, but I had to do it. I just had to. She had to learn.

She'd walk around London and feel like everyones eyes landed on her. Everyone looked down on her, like it was a one way thing and she wouldnt let David do anything other than f*ck her, like she fed him Viagra and told him the world would end in ten minutes.

Of course she came crying to me, Jordan, I was her one true love, the one man who would make it better. She knew I'd forgive her... eventually. Shes now wrapped around my finger, like my slave. She has no clue. And she never will.

If she ever tries to leave me I will find a way of making her return like a pathetic dog. But no hit is as powerful as the second. I doubt there will be another time. I know with the second hit she'll realise how much she needs to appreciate me.

But you know what? I still hate her for running off and cheating on me like that, like she did when we were dating. I know she said it was spur of the moment but that doesn't make it okay, nothing will okay her doing that, ever. It tore me apart, it made me obsessed with her and her every move, I had to know exactly where she was.

She says she isn't a diva, she says she isn't a whore. So why was sex so important to her in this relationship? So why couldnt she be happy with an impotent man?


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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Apr 08, 2005 5:15 pm

Oh, I can write you a story where you are the whore if thats what you really want my dear lol.

And I don't mean to start up the 'look at the crazy/weird emoticons' thing again but I feel I need to bring your attention to these: :safesex: :bootyshake: :whip:

And hello dear! :wave:

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