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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:49 pm

The sweltering heat in the London streets caused many of the female population to break out their skimpy Summer/Fall collection haltertops and whatnot. Walking up Oxford street you couldn't help but gawp in awe at their brazen lack of the self-preservation of dignity; it wasn't that the girls were just hinting at cleavage and wearing miniskirts -they wore lycra tops that barely covered the nipples and micro minis that would have shown a whole lot of fluff had they not had Brazilians beforehand (was that a little too graphic?).

But you do not have time to stop and stare for too long, you're off clubbing tonight and have only a vague idea of what to wear. Up until then you had resisted the call of the joint bank account credit card, but it's hefty sum caused the exclusive Gucci store round the corner to act like a siren.

The air conditioning hits you like a brick wall, well a pleasurable brick wall. You fell like standing in the doorway under the ventilation for a couple of minutes before starting your quest but then you spot him. He swaggers over to you with that cocky grin on his face and says "No luck in Gap then?"

"F*ck you"

"Is that an offer?" He licks his lips, knowing that it can drive you over the edge, especially when he's locked his perfect electric blue eyes onto your blue-ish/grey/greeny average ones.

You realises you've been standing swaying in the doorway saying nothing for the past two minutes so you responds with with a sharp witty tasteful "Oh f*ck off Timberlake" and storm off to the skimpy dress section.

"On you?" You turn around and makes the mistake of looking in his eyes again, then look down, then flip the bird to him. He walks towards you, you keep your back to him. "you want it don't you? You wanna know what it feels like," His hot breath hits your neck and you involuntarily shudder, then when he speaks again you can tell by the way he changes his tone that he's smiling that cocky smile again "and you love it when I'm in control."

Bastard. Your body involuntarily reacts to the thought of him inside you again, it takes a lot not to take him right there and then or suggest he helps you get changed, it takes a lot just to remove the unbearable lust from your eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about"

"So I'll see you tonight?"

You open your mouth to say you have other plans, but he pre-empts it by pushing the front of his body into your back, his hands placed on your hips and the right hand sliding south. You can't ignore what's pressing into you, you want him more than anything right then and there, but you manage to muster up the strength to say a whispy "I guess so" and sashay up to the counter to pay for your find, acting like every ounce of testosterone the boy owned had not just been mustered up to show his adoration of your form.

As you leave the store with your bag in your hands you can't help but smile, you can play the game just as well a he can. You've got him pussywhipped, he did shut down Gucci just for the two of you. Tonight might be fun...

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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:50 pm

After much consideration you don't show up at his hotel room like you said you would, but go to the club like you originally planned. You walk into the room and the beat of the music pulsates through your body and reverberates up and down your spine. As you head towards the bar the brief (although unlikely) thought that Justin is lying on his bed naked, still waiting for you and starting to get a chill; you feel a smug smile spread across your face, he's the one who'll be begging for you.

"What you so happy about lil lady?"

Sh*t. As you lean against the bar waiting to order, the man on your left turns towards you and grins, having pre-empted your rejection. And he looks like sex. His sneakers peak out from under his pants and you can just about spy some bright pink streaks down the front and side, his jeans hang comfortably on his hips, and his t-shirt stretches over the right areas but isn't too tight. You hate him, but you wouldn't be opposed to f*cking his brains out on the bar infront of everyone.

The bartender arrives but before you can open your mouth he orders for you, "She'll have water thanks, she isn't quite 21 yet" The barman raises his eyebrows at Justin while pouring your water, and slams it in front of your seated self. Once the barman leaves you turn to your opponent.

"You peice of f*cking sh*t, she isn't quite 21 yet, f*ck that. Why are you trying to make me look like a fool?"

"Y'ain't gonna get drunk in the state you're in, girl"

"And what state is that? Pray do tell."

"Hormonal and b*tchy"

"I am not f*cking b*tchy, whats your problem?"

"What's my problem? What's my problem? you're the one who thought it would be funny to leave me hanging; what the f*ck is your problem?"

"Oh, you really were left hanging, how long did you wait? You got here quicker than me"

His cocky smile returns "I figured if you didn't arrive an hour early begging to suck me off you wouldn't come at all," And with a remark that makes you want to slap him he grabs your hand and leads you to the table he's been sharing with his friends, leaving you gawping in disbelief. You don't have enough time to adjust your jawline and briing it up from the floor before he turns around to add "and anyway, you knew that I'd be here if you didn't turn up at the hotel, I told you it's my favourite club. Everyone tells me you're desperate to f*ck me, and you've just proven they're right" And he has a point. Bastard.

But before you have a chance to respond he puts down his JD and coke and your water on the table and pulls you to the dancefloor. He stands millimetres away from you and begins to dance when you burst into laughter. He looks around trying to find the source of amusement, doesn't find it but pastes a half-smile on his face to try and join in.

"What you laughing at?"


"Uh... why?"

"You call that dancing? You're just bobbing along to the beat, looking kinda dumb. How am I supposed to keep a straight face with that going on around me?" You let out a giggle again, unintentionally of course. He doesn't respond, he just goes back to the table and sits down. "what if I teach you how to slalsa? Now that is proper dancing." He looks up at you with one eyebrow cocked and reluctantly takes your outstreched hand. Perfect, you have him exactly where you want him.

You lead him a little away from the table and pull him close up against you and start to sway your hips to an imaginary beat, purposely rubbing against his ever hardening crotch. You both have one hand on each others waist and your right and his left are joined together, fingers entwined. You rub again and again over his crotch and you can tell he's getting close to release, you can tell by the look on his face that he's trying to decide whether to stop the dancing or to carry on until he's creatied quite a mess for yourself. You decide to give him a break and take him by the hand into the mens bathroom, deciding there'd be a lot less people there.

Inside the mens there is no one around, so you take a chair placed in the corner and prop it up against the door, it won't hold out under pressure but should give you both significant warning. You undo the fly of his jeans.

"Jerk off"


"Jerk. Off. You want release? Get it yourself. I ain't gonna suck you off"

"But would you just..." He motions to his now exposed self, asking for a little bit of assistance to get himself started, so you get down on your knees and help him out. First you lick the tip, then you choose to be greedy, you take it all in your mouth and suck a couple of times, then you start to pull yourself away. But he has other plans, he puts both his hands behind your head and holds you down. "Suck b*tch"

It doesn't take much until he's found his release, and you don't even emit a grumble, truth be told you love to please him because you know if you do it well he'll return the favour two times over and you're sure this is no exception. Once you've both composed yourself enough to be able to walk straight you head straight out of the club and back to the hotel room.

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Postby mtvjunkie » Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:55 pm

You both half run down the hotel hallway towards his room when your head starts spinning and your ears begin to pound, but you decide this is caused by your rapidly increasing heartbeat and think nothing of it. He rushes to open the lock on the door, then grabs you by the hand and takes you in. It was the same room you were in first time around, and by the look on his face, he did it intentionally. The guy can act like you're the last person he's interested in conversing with but he goes to quite great lengths to impress you, you know he's as into you as you're into him.

He leads you into the bedroom and places you on the bed, grinning like a cheshire cat. And then you pass out. Next time you open your eyes, all you see is white, and bright white at that. You contemplate the possibility of you having died for some reason, but before your train of thought finishes you turn to see Justin by your side, deciding he'd probably know you ask "Am I in Heaven?"

Understanding how disorientated and confused you are in your present state he responds with a polite "Why would Heaven want you?" Dudes got a point.

"What happened?"

"You completely blacked out and didn't wake up. That was fun. Oh, and thanks for not waiting until after we f*cked" Charmer.

"Do they know why I passed out?" And then it hits you in the pit of your stomach, and even though it's just in a few milliseconds you feel fear rising and gripping your whole body. "Is the baby okay?"

"Yeah, as far as they can tell. They think you may have had your drink spiked, which was why you passed out. They're just doing tests to work out what it was exactly"

"But I had water, water. How can you spike lil old H2O?"

"I have no idea. Which is why I suggested the blacking out could have just been overwhelming desire and lust"

"F*ck off you annoying prick"

"Yeah, that's what they said too." You smile; it isn't often that His Highness puts himself out of the way to entertain after the cameras are off. He smiles back at you and his left hand brushes some whisps of hair off your cheek, wasn't really necessary but you appreciate it none the less. You learnt a long time ago to appreciate meaningful human contact to purely sexual, but you learnt that lesson too late. He grasps your hand (or maybe you grasp his but didn't think about it) as the doctor comes in, you notice his palms are a little sweaty. Sweet in a kinda gross way.

"Have you got any results yet?" He asks nervously.

"We have identified what caused your blackout and it was indeed a date rape drug, luckily tests have shown it won't affect the health of your unborn child"

"Date rape drug? What do you mean?"

"Unless you were given it orally, the only way it could enter your system is from injection. Did you feel a prick at any point during the evening?" Instead of saying yes and pointing to the man on your bedside you shake your head and supress a giggle. "This particular drug is dissolved best in water based beverages and causes the recipient to pass out, at which point the assailant would try and make his or her move." You both sit there in shock. Who would want to do that to you? "Its lucky you had company all night, it could have gotten very messy. Can you think of any reason why someone would want to have you unconcious? I assume it isn't to rape you, as from what I'm told Justin here was never far from your side" You shake your head, still trying to get your head round it all and the doctor heads out the door.

"Wait!" Justin suddenly shouts, and the doctor turns around "Could someone be trying to kidnap her?" Sh*t.

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"So when you gonna tell them about the baby?"

"Uh well... I was thinking... how about never?" This is always a tricky subject for you to deal with, and right now is not the time to start an in depth discussion on the matter.

"You're almost five months, you have a bump, you can't hide it forever"

"Do we have to talk about this now?"

"Well there's gonna be plenty of coverage of us now, there were about a thousand flashes going off when you got put in the ambulance, even more after I climbed in after you."

"Why the f*ck do you have to be famous Justin?"

"Thanks" He says, sounding a little hurt. "I can't help it y'know, I didn't ask for all this attention"

You're tempted to tell him he should have known about it before he got famous but now is not the time for another arguement. "What do you suggest I do then?"

"We'll tell them together," Good idea, your parents always did love Justin more than you, you try not to take it personally "they should be arriving pretty soon" he says looking at his watch. Sh*t.

"How do they know I'm here?"

"I called them" You look at him in horror. "What?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Listen, you have to tell them at some point, better now before they read something in the papers"

But how are you supposed to introduce it into conversation? Hey Mom! Dad! Remember the love of my life? You know, the one who denied cheating on me even after I contracted something from him that wasn't there before? Well guess what... I'm carrying his baby! It's not exactly gonna put you up on their list. Well you could always leave out the sexually contracted stuff, that probably isn't necessary.

Their plump sillohetes appear behind the frosted glass and approach the door, as the handle turns Justin grabs your hand, obviously looking forward to this meeting as much as you have.

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Justin is the first to say anything, desperate to break the silence caused when your parents enter the room. "Hey Claire, hey Michael!"

"Justin! Dahling, how are you my dear?" He embraces your mother with a hearty hug, which she air kisses him four times. She always does that. Luckily your father merely shakes his hand, abelt with a comment or two about how important a good strong handshake is.

Before he launches into the story about how your mothers good strong handshake caused him to propose after two dates Justin asks if they'd like to take a seat which they happily do, because politeness is a major part of charm, and charm is the reason your mother said yes to your fathers proposal and look where we might of been if that hadn't happened yada yada yada.

There is a short akward silence where no one really wants to say anything but you all know something important has to be discussed. You take Justins hand in yours and look him in the eyes hoping to find comfort or reassurance, but no, he's just staring off into space. Weirdo.

"Mum, I wanted you to come here to tell you something... I... I... well first of, me and Justin are dating again. And I'm sure you're glad about that-"

"Not really" Mum counters.

"What?" Justin suddenly snaps out of his dream state "I mean... how?"

"Well I just think my daughter could do better than a man-whore"

"Excuse me?"

"You seem quite the promiscuous young lad" Dad interjects "Now I know it can be tempting to go with other young girls when you're in a relationship but it's really rather dispicable to be guided by your c*ck, as it were" Wow, just... wow. You never knew your parents had it in them.

Justin drops your hand and raises from his seat. "Well goodbye then" he says in a pissed off tone, and storms out of the room. MY parents seem a little shocked but it doesn't phase me.

You turn to your parents "But I thought you loved Justin." They look blank. "Why did you air kiss him then mum?"

"You know how these celebrities are dear" Better than anyone else. "I don't understand your taste in men dear, you seem to attract the stale ones, or at least if they aren't stale when you get them you manage to turn them" Charming.

"But mum, Justins gonna be around a lot more nowadays" Your stomach churns knowing there's gonna be a lecture any second now, you lie there waiting for the response but all you get is two blank faces. You motion to your bump but they still look blankly at you. "Mum... dad... I'm pregnant"

They gasp. "I thought you were just fat" You give them the deathstare "Is it Justin's?"

"Yes, of course, who else would it have been?"

"Oh I don't know... you could be a whore for all we know, you don't come home enough any more" To which your mum adds a melodramatic sniff. Sometimes you really wanna slap her. In a ...nice way, of course.

"Look, we were only gonna make this a brief visit anyway so we'll be off" Your father says as he and your mother raise from their chairs "and... congratulations I suppose" With that they leave the room. Finally. Thank god.

You lay on your bed and do a little deep breathing, you could do with a little relaxation right now, but of course that won't happen. Justin happens instead.

"B*tches and bastards" He comes into my room mumbling, and I assume not caring who hears.

"They're gone, and they know about the baby"

"How did they take it?"


"Oh I see"

"They said they thought the bump was just fat"




"Oh nothing"


"So what?"

"So what are we gonna do next?"

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