Shania Pregnant

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Postby lurker15 » Fri Mar 02, 2001 8:02 pm

According to a report in the gossip section of today's National Post (Canada), Shania Twain is holed up with her husband at their Swiss chateau for two reasons: as we know, she's working on another album, but apparently she's also working on a baby, which will be born before year's end...

Apparently Casablanca also reported this (?)

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Postby admin » Fri Mar 02, 2001 8:14 pm

yeah, even Ted said possible reasons, so it's purely speculation... but given her age, her clock is ticking so it wouldn't surprise me if she was pregnant.

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Postby lvchottie8 » Mon Apr 02, 2001 12:39 pm

The Latest Issue of People Magazine is reporting that Shania and Mutt are expecting their first child this summer!

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Postby Maire » Thu Apr 05, 2001 10:35 am

aawww I have loved shania since I was a little girl and that is so cool that she is gonna have a baby!

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