Black Hawk Down

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Postby Helena » Sun Jul 14, 2002 11:59 am

Its not over yet but this movie has been to much for me. The killing, the suffereing and the pain. Josh was amzing in this movie. What got me was the man holding his picture of his family prior to his beating.

What does everyone else think?

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Postby CooL BeanS ChicA » Mon Jul 15, 2002 11:04 pm

I thought the movie was excellent. It was hard-core and exciting from beginning to end. At first, I was like WHOA-it's game time already? But then it all made sense to me. I thought it was great seeing Josh as more of a commanding role (he was put in charge of a group of men). It's great-like he cares about his troops and really follows his directions of "never leave a man behind". If you can't watch violence, then it may not be the right Josh movie for you. But I really love it because it is so different from all of his other movies, and he looks HOTT in the uniform. Love it-he's way up on the hottness scale in this one. Go see it, you won't regret it, I promise. :D[COLOR=red]

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Postby joshluvr » Tue Jul 16, 2002 9:57 pm

i am a total fan of the hard-core war movies, the more bloody, the better (i live with 3 guys) so just having josh in it, made it even better. it was sad when he held a pic of his family, and when the boy watched his father being shot, but i remember it is all hollywood, and a whole lot of ketchup!! lol

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Postby JoShYsLiLhO » Fri Jul 19, 2002 12:25 am

yah i mean u know that the movie was fake but i was based on true facts and crap and that made it sad!!!! but it was a really good movie! and i thought all them parts were sad but i liked them 2 guys that they left behind in the beginning! member them? they cracked me up sooooo much! plus i was wit my crazy friend and she was all like thas my dadda! and crap!!! hahahhahhhahahahhaaahhahaha but it was really really sad tho!!!!!!!!!!!! but its one of my favorite movies! and that shocked me cuz i dont like war movies really! the only reason i saw it was b/c he was in it but i mean even if he wasnt it woulda still been good!!!!

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