Josh On The Cover Of Twist Magazine...

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Postby ilovejoshhartnett » Sat Oct 26, 2002 7:24 pm

Hey every1! Whats up? :) I haven't posted here for a really long time. Anyway, I was at the Fanhost forum and they said that Josh was gonna be on next month's cover of Twist! YAY!!!!!!! :D

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Postby joshluvr » Sun Oct 27, 2002 9:28 pm

thats cool, but i havent heard of twist magazine, mabey it doesnt exisit in my small little town (pop: 4,000)

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Postby MRSJOSHHARTNETT131 » Mon Oct 28, 2002 6:55 pm

Your Town is a lot bigger than mine our Pop. is 45! My brothers,sisters, (2 brothers and 3 sisters) and I all have to go to a bigger school. But anyway Sorry bout that I like the magazine Twist if you look on those huge magazine racks not the one by the check-out line but over in the store somewhere I can't WAIT!

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Postby boo » Thu Jan 02, 2003 1:37 am

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>i got that one</span></span>

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