Josh Harnett On 'the Late Show' 8/25

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Postby admin » Thu Aug 26, 2004 2:57 am

>> Dave: Our next guest stars in a brand-new film entitled "the wicker park." It opens september 3rd. Ladies and gentlemen, here's josh hartnett. Josh? (Applause) how you doing?

>> Good, yeah, how are you?

>> Dave: I'm fine. Thank you very much. As I recall from chatting with you previously, you're from minneapolis or live there or spend summers there? Which of the three?

>> All three.

>> Dave: Have you been in minneapolis this summer?

>> All summer.

>> Dave: Has it been fun?

>> It's been terrific.

>> Dave: It seems like a great place to spend the summer, maybe not the winter.

>> It'similar to here in the wintertime. It's cold.

>> Dave: It's not worse than here?

>> A little worse. It's the midwest.

>> Dave: What do you do in the summertime?

>> In the summertime, i worked on my house a little bit this summer. I just bought a house. I've been painting it myself and kind of working on that.

>> Dave: Why don't you get a guy to do that for you? (Laughter)

>> I don't know. It's kind of that pride of ownership thing.

>> Dave: Right.

>> You want to be able to work on it yourself. My uncle paints houses for a living, so we...

>> Dave: You and your uncle did it.

>> But i started by myself. The reason... (laughter) the reason it didn't work out is that I don't know if you have ever had this problem, but i had a room that was almost impossible to paint because of the coloring of it. I kept picking out different-colored paintses. They all look purple when they got up. Seriously. Wh they got on the wall, it was like i picked a gray, a blue, like a green, and somehow they were allle on the wall. (Laughter)

>> Dave: Every time you got the walls painted, irrespective of the color, it all turned out purple?

>> I wasn't stupid enough to paint the entire room before i realized... i painted a section.

>> Dave: That's what i would do. I would do the entire room. Oh, I'll be darned, she's purple again. 10 what color is the room now?

>> The room is a beautiful open the color. I don't know. (Laughter)

>> Dave: What other kind of... any kind of construction you do on the house?

>> I have been working plumbing and stuff like that, but not, you know, like I'm really bad at it to tell you the truth. I have to tell you, i came across this really bad color name in some paint catalog. It was pearl harbor gray. I mean, like, what's up with that?

>> Dave: Yeah, exactly.

>> Like trail of tears open the or something. It doesn't make any sense.

>> Dave: You can't help but conjure really sad images. Ism really strange. But yeah, so I've been doing some plumbing, too.

>> Dave: You know what you're doing with the plumbing? You can't possibly know what you're doing?

>> Does anyone really?

>> Dave: Plumbers. $100 an hour. They know what they're talking about. Have you successfully fixed anything in the plumbing area?

>> I haven't really, no. But I've tried. When I... I've been trying to fix this sink, and apparently this is this stuff called plumber's dope or something like that? (Laughter) you put it around the ring of the... you like rub it around.

>> Dave: It creates a seal?

>> I didn't have any. It didn't create a seal, so i flooded my basement.

>> Dave: Sorry to hear that. Now...

>> I didn't really flood it.

>> Dave: Your tie matches your shoes. Yaismt, you like?

>> Dave: That's excellent. (Applause)

>> Dave: I was watching "wicker park,".

>> Getting the color coordination thing going.

>> Dave: Tell the people about "wicker park." I found it fascinating and complex.

>> It is complex. It's based on a french film. It was called "the apartment."

>> Dave: What does that mean?

>> The apartment.

>> Dave: The dumbest man alive. It's not really french. You just frenchied up apartment. That's what that is.

>> We're not supposed to know anything about france.

>> Dave: You fall in love with a woman and she vannishes. Or you think she does.

>> She disappears. I'm heart broken. I basically try and find her for the rest of the film. She just is gone.

>> Dave: I know what happens at the end of the movie. Can i say? I shouldn't say.

>> I would probably keep that a secret. (Laughter)

>> Dave: But it's interesting because sometimes you think, oh a flashback.

>> Yeah. There's a lot of flashbacks and it flashes back to present. It's almost-- indiscernle where you are at the time. It's non-linear storytelling. You're not sure where you are at any given point. Therefore becomes very complex.

>> Dave: Let's take a look at a scene from the movie. Do you know what we're going to see here?

>> I don'T. I do actually.

>> Dave: It's your movie.

>> This is a clip. I think josh hartnett is in it.

>> Dave: He's doing some plumbing.

>> Doing some plumbing.

>> Dave: Take a look. "Wicker park." It opens september 3rd.

>> Lisa? Ouch. Ouch. I'm sorry. It's okay. Ism I'm calling the police. Where's the phone?

>> Don't call the police. Don't call the police. I'm not going to hurt you.

>> Calm down. Calm down. It's okay. I'm friend of lisa'S.

>> A friend of lisa's? Snoo yeah.

>> Is that supposed to be funny.

>> No. You can ask her when she comes, okay?

>> I'm lisa. I live here.

>> Dave: You see. (Applause) fascinating. Beautiful young women. Lovely actresses.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: A fine performance from yourself. It opens september 3rd. "Wicker park." This is josh hartnett. Josh, good to see you again. Thank you for being here.

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